Inhouse Duplicating

Inhouse duplicating jobs need to be accompanied by a clearance sheet.

Attach your clearance sheet and pdf file to an email to the college printing listserv:

PDF icon When to use the Ag Communications Services Print Shop


We charge only what we pay for the following materials and processes. No other charges are ever added. These are just approximations, as the actual charges at any point in time are based on the 3-year average cost to us. (10-25-19)

We try to bill jobs as soon as possible after the end of the month. All charges are batch uploaded to SAP, and taken directly out of the accounts provided to us on the clearance sheets. Documentation for these charges can be found here.

per 8.5 x 11 side
black and white copier (black toner only)$0.0135
color copier (color toner only)$0.0710
color copier (black toner only)$0.0390
per 8.5 x 11 sheet
text, uncoated$0.0187
cover, uncoated$0.0256
index, uncoated$0.0320
text, coated$0.0204
cover, coated$0.0386
envelopesnumber 10$0.0156
number 9$0.0166
9 x 12 catalog$0.0568
6 x 9 catalog$0.0438
no carbon required paper
(used for multi-part forms)
3-part ncr$0.0711
4-part ncr$0.0980
foldingcharged per piece, regardless of the number of fold$0.0100

*A note about color copies: Do not expect there to be an exact color match between our color copies, your computer monitor or with what you may have printed out on a color printer. There are a number of reasons why these are unlikely to all look the same.

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Contact: George Chasse, Printing Supervisor, 36 Scovell Hall 0064, 257-4988, 257-1512 fax