Starting with the November 2017 Drupal Update site owners now have the ability to provide an email address that will appear in the footer of every page on their site. This allows site visitors to easily contact the maintainer(s) of a website to report issues with content.  Additionally having this contact method is required by the "University's Web Policy."

Setting your Site Administrator Email requires you have the "Site Admin" role for your Drupal site. If you are not sure what role you have please feel free to contact Web Services by emailing for assistance.

  1. Click on the CAFE Site Details link in the Administration Menu.
  2. Click on 'Site Contact Information' in the left hand navgiation.
  3. Scroll down and enter a single email address for the 'Site Administrator Email'
    1. While you can only enter a single email address to be inlcuded in your footer you may enter any publically addressable email address such as an Office 365 Group, a ListServ email address, or an Exchange Distribution List.
Shows preview Cafe Site Details overview page, highlights link in admin menu for CAFE Site Details, link on left for "Site Contact Information", and field for "Site Administrator Email."

Location of the link items outlined above, click image to open a larger view in a new window.