How to set your Site Administrator Email Address

Starting with the November 2017 Drupal Update site owners now have the ability to provide an email address that will appear in the footer of every page on their site. This allows site visitors to easily contact the maintainer(s) of a website to report issues with content.  Additionally having this contact method is required by the "University's Web Policy."

Drupal Theme Update November 2017

While Web Services have made several small enhancements the largest changes you will notice will come in the header and footer of every page.  

Site Administrators will still have complete control over the menu and the background image that appears in the header, but the new look changes the background color of the top-level banner to conform to UK’s official blue, removes the extra navigation bar, and improves the display of the menu on smaller displays.

AgComm Staff Only

The following files are used internally by Agricultural Communications Services.

FAQ's on Credit Card Processing in registration forms

This document refers to accepting online credit card payments.  To process in person or over the phone credit card payments please contact the UK Office of the Treasurer.

Effective September 2016 the University of Kentucky no longer uses Skipjack as a payment gateway to process online credit card payments.


Inhouse Duplicating

Inhouse duplicating jobs need to be accompanied by a clearance sheet. It is NOT necessary to have the sheet signed.

Attach your clearance sheet and pdf file to an email to


County mail is an involved topic. For an overview, go to the Office Procedure Manual.

For more information on Postage Transactions please visit the Postage Transactions site.

Questions about mailing should be referred to Rhesa.

. . . . .

Contact: Rhesa King, Extension Mail Officer

Truck Run

Truck Run Schedule

Although the dates below are subject to change, we will try to give at least one week’s notice if they do.

Orders for items to be included on a scheduled truck run can be placed at any time before the cut-off date. This deadline for placing orders gives us time to make plans regarding the size of truck that will be needed, to assemble, and to pack all the orders for that run.


The Ag Distribution Center serves the college by:

Housing and keeping inventory on Extension/Research numbered series publications, and instructional videos and dvds. These resources are available to specialists and agents on a walk-in basis, or through the Order Entry System.
go to Order Entry

Loaning out audio-visual equipment.
equipment check-out form


Our printing/duplicating operation serves the college in the following ways:

Inhouse duplicating: We offer both black and white and full-color copies on a variety of papers.

Outside printing: We can work with UK-approved vendors on estimates and print jobs that can't be done inhouse.

. . . . .

Contact: George Chasse, Printing Supervisor, 141 Scovell Hall 0064, 257-4988, 257-1512 fax