Although less in-depth than an edit, it can still be valuable to have an editor proofread your document. Each year we proof hundreds of documents for the college.

Send your Word file, and any changes will be done in "track changes," so you can see what's been done. Or send a paper printout, and any changes will be written out.

We try to turn proofreading jobs around in about three days, but longer manuscripts can take more time.

. . . . .


Once your numbered publication has gone through peer review and is ready to send over, print a paper copy of it and attach a clearance sheet. Be sure to get all appropriate signatures and account numbers (if any).

While the clearance sheet makes its way over here you can send your electronic file to Dennis Duross.

The basic process is: edit, design, pdf proof to author, changes as needed, print/on web.

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Disaster Recovery

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