This document refers to accepting online credit card payments.  To process in person or over the phone credit card payments please contact the UK Office of the Treasurer.

Effective September 2016 the University of Kentucky no longer uses Skipjack as a payment gateway to process online credit card payments.

In order to process online credit card payments, you will need to coordinate with both the UK Office of the Treasurer and Agricultural Communications's Web Services Section.  The UK Office of the Treasurer will assist you in setting up the required Merchant Account and setting up your access to the World Pay payment Gateway.  Web Services will handle the creation of the online Registration Form and the working with any other groups necessary to host the form.

Unfortunately, World Pay is not a direct replacement for Skipjack as World Pay does not support comprehensive registration form building similar to what Skipjack previously provided.  This means the setup process for creating an online form is somewhat more involved and depending on where you are in the process may take up to a month.  Please begin this process as early as reasonably possible.

If you would like to have a detailed discussion regarding your needs and the process please contact:

Jessica Rishel
Web Services 
Phone: 859-257-6476

Steps in the Process

  1. Event Organizer contacts the UK Office of the Treasurer to setup Merchant Account and World Pay account (one time.)
  2. Event Organizer contact Web Services to define your registration Form (per form/instance.)
  3. Web Services develops online form (per form/instance.)
  4. Event Organizer creates an Event Page (per form/instance.)
  5. Form Life Cycle Begins (per form/instance.)
    1. Web Services enables Registration Form (per form/instance.)
    2. Form receives registrations (per form/instance.)
    3. Web Services disables Registration Form (per form/instance.)
    4. Web Services removes Registration Form (per form/instance.) 

Detailed Explanation of Steps

Contacting the UK Office of the Treasurer

This step has you work with the UK Office of the Treasurer in order to setup your Merchant Account and your access to use World Pay as an online payment gateway.  You will need to fill out the Application to Become a Merchant Department completely and submit to the Office of the Treasurer – Merchant Card Services Department. Contact Marcie York for the form.  This will begin the process of creating your Merchant Account and setup your access to the World Pay system.

Marcie York
Merchant Card Services Coordinator
Office of the Treasurer 
312 Frank D Peterson Service Building 40506-0005 
(859) 323-1585

Defining the Registration Form

During this phase of the process, which can happen at the same time the event organizer is contacting the UK Office of the Treasuer, the event organizer will meet with Web Services to discuss basic details about the Registration form such as:

  • What information your registration form needs to collect.
  • Who that information should be sent to.
  • What prices are associated with the various registration options.
  • If payments by check will be allowed. 
  • When email notifications should be sent (at registration vs. when payment is made)

The general work flow of a Registration Forms is:

  1. The user will be presented with the form and make their selections.
  2. The user submits the form and is asked to confirm their selections.
  3. At this point their registration is received, an email is sent to the event organizer, and the user is presented with the option to print an invoice so they can mail in a check or pay their invoice online with a credit card.
  • Note: the option to make a payment by check is an option, it is not required.
  • If the user chooses to pay online they will be directed to a World Pay Secure Form with the amount due prepopulated.
  • Once the user submits their payment World Pay will send a billing receipt to both the user and the World Pay account contact.  World Pay will also update the registration form allowing us to send a more detailed payment confirmation message to the event organizer.
  • Please contact Web Services by emailing to request a new online credit card form. 

    Developing the Form

    Web Services will begin the process of developing the Registration Form.   We request all form requests be made at least two weeks in advance.  Depending on the complexity of the Registration Form and the resources available this process may take up to a month to complete.  Web Services reserves the right to deny requests based on available resources. 

    Creating an Event Page

    On your website create a new page, either content or landing pages are fine, where you describe your event.  The Registration Form will NOT be on this page.  This page will describe your event and provide a link to the actual Registration Form.

    This page will be used to link to your registration form that will be created by Web Services and posted on a PCI compliant Server.  If you need assistance developing your event page please contact Web Services by emailing  You can create this page at any point in the process.

    We highly recommend you talk this over with Kevin Sisler to understand your role as a merchant account holder.

    Form Life Cycle

    Online Registration Forms have a relatively short time frame that they are availble, typically one to two months for most events.  During this Life Cycle the form will be open for registrations, then it will close as a predetermined date is reached.  After the form has been closed for approximately one week it will be removed from the server.  This is to prevent users from attempting to register for an event that is no longer accepting new registrations.

    NOTE:  To secure the processing of credit cards and comply with PCI-DSS, please ensure that none of your university employees process credit card transactions on behalf of a customer/registrant through your department website using UK provided computer/workstation.  Please do not let your employees handle any credit card data.

    More on PCI DSS Compliance