Inhouse Duplicating

Inhouse duplicating jobs need to be accompanied by a clearance sheet. It is NOT necessary to have the sheet signed.

Attach your clearance sheet and pdf file to an email to

Paper copy originals: You can always send jobs to us as paper copy originals, but it's important for those originals to be in decent shape. Please don't send originals that have been folded, stapled, or otherwise mutilated. You should also be aware that although shaded backgrounds are often used to highlight information in documents that are sent to us, they commonly copy lighter or darken than they appeared on your paper copy original.

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1-Color/4-Color Costs

Most jobs are copied 1-color (black toner). The cost per page (excluding paper) for 1-color copying is roughly 1.5 cents per page copied.

We can also copy in full color, but the cost for that is a bit more, at roughly 5.5 cents per page (excluding paper).

A note about color copies: Do not expect there to be an exact color match between our color copies, your computer monitor or with what you may have printed out on a color printer. There are a number of reasons why these are unlikely to all look the same. If color is critical, be sure to say so. We'll run a test and see if it's ok before running the whole job.


Inhouse jobs are billed at the end of each month.


We have about 25 different colors of paper in 3 different weights (bond, text, cover/index). When in doubt, choose white. The colors below are just an approximation.

Paper Colors

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Contact: George Chasse, Printing Supervisor, 36 Scovell Hall 0064, 257-4988, 257-1512 fax