The County Office Procedure Manual contains a chapter on various mail-related topics, here.


Counties have Neopost postage machines leased (in bulk, at a discount) through Central Business Systems, in Lexington. Contact them for repairs, replacements, and supplies. 1-800-648-2599


90 day PSD lockout:

If you get an error saying “90 Day PSD Lockout” on your postage machine, take these steps to clear your machine:

  • Make sure your machine is awake.
  • Hit the key that looks like a stack of coins (you can use $0 for the amount).
  • Select option 3 and it will ask you to confirm.  
  • Your machine will then dial out and connect with Neopost and load funds ($0).

After it goes through the cycle, it should be ready to go. If at any point it stops and cannot connect, call Central Business Systems at the number above. Tell them you are with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, and give them your county name.


If you get a replacement postage machine:

Sometimes postage machines need to be replaced. Be sure to send the serial number for the new machine to Dennis Duross.