Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Printing and Publications

If you have an item that needs to be printed, please submit your information through the Ag Com in-house printing form. We charge only what we pay for materials and processes. No other charges are ever added. We can also assist you in using an outside vendor if we cannot meet your specific printing requirements.

The publications team adheres to the guidelines established by the Extension leadership. Extension publications can be submitted for design and review through Tawana Brown and should be accompanied with a publication authorization form signed by the appropriate department head.

Our publications team is available for proofreading departmental publications and newsletters as time allows. For more information contact Tawana Brown.


Our professional writers work with UK College professionals to produce timely and accurate news stories and features. Print stories are distributed to newspapers across the Commonwealth, as well as to local, regional and national trade publications. If you have an idea for a news story, please contact Aimee Nielson or Katie Pratt.

Requests can be made to Jeff Franklin.

Exclusives are columns written by our professional staff for county agents to use in their local newspapers, newsletters and other materials. Requests can be made to Katie Pratt.

We offer media training to College of Agriculture, Food and Environment faculty and staff, Cooperative Extension specialists, and periodically to select non-profit or governmental groups. Please let us know if you’d like to schedule training or if you have general questions about media.

Photography and Videography

Our mission is to provide services to support and market CAFE overall. We strive to serve a wide audience. We work with CAFE personnel to determine feasibility of video projects, produce videos to illustrate research, outreach, and instructional videos intended for large audiences, conduct trainings, advise on equipment and offer consultation on user produced content. 

Requests can be submitted here. We do not produce work that only serves one faculty member/agent/county for a short period of time or record lectures of podium presentations.

A website is currently in development for updated training, tips and best practices. You can contact us to discuss your specific video production needs.

Videos can be found here.

Ag Com maintains a photo gallery. If you have specific needs that cannot be found in the gallery, please use this form for requests. Additionally, we provide headshots for CAFE personnel, conduct in-person and virtual training/guidance on creating/editing/archiving your own images and provide guidance and legal information on drone usage.

We do not produce podcasts, but can advise on content/gear/hosting and good practices for podcasting. There are two sound-proof booth locations - one on campus in Scovell Hall and one in Princeton - and technical assistance with recording and post-production. Contact us.

Social Media, Marketing and Design

The team has created vertical and horizontal research poster templates for faculty and student use. Please contact Jordan Smith.

We can review new social media account requests, provide resources/platform updates to College Communicators, post on all platforms as @UKAgriculture, review content requests for college-level promotion, provide support (as available) for department/platform specific questions, complete audits of social media platforms as requested, support strategy planning and provide 1:1 consultation for new SM managers.

We do not manage accounts that belong to other departments, post to channels other than the main college platforms, or provide platform-specific training. Use this form to request social media and digital marketing services from Agricultural Communication Services.

Marketing Design creates printed and digital materials to support the college’s marketing efforts, including banners, flyers, brochures, advertisements and more. Sometimes, we can’t produce materials in-house, so we use a UK-approved printing vendor. Final proofs will be sent to clients before printing. Project requests can be submitted here

We also offer a variety of print templates to further the college's visual identity. Additional resources are available through the Marketing Resources site and include extension templates, the College identity standards (logos, stationery, etc.) and marketing tips. We assist with university/college graphic standard compliance and work with the College Marketing Committee to develop marketing tools, templates and policies.

Logos are available through the Marketing Resources site. We assist with university/college graphic standard compliance and work with the College Marketing Committee to develop marketing tools, templates and policies. If you have questions, contact Jordan Smith.

These are available through the Marketing Resources site, and include both college and extension templates. If you have questions, contact Jordan Smith.


Yes. You can request a review and submit your materials here.

The unit does not maintain any promotional items, but can assist you in contacting an approved vendor. Please contact Sarah Caton Walters.

Web and Technology

We do not have the staffing capacity to devote to app development, however, you may partner with an approved UK vendor.

The web services team manages the Drupal College Platform and multiple web applications. In addition to these primary services, Web Services also provides support, documentation, and analytics for the Platform. Use this form to request assistance.

Ag Com’s web services team can assist with some form development. Forms requiring advanced security will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with our Information Technology group. We do not create forms for county extension offices or ones with an external focus / publicly available forms.

The Helpdesk is available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET to answer any computer or service-related questions. The Helpdesk assists both on and off campus faculty and staff in answering questions regarding network, security, smart classrooms, technology, and videoconferencing issues or inquiries.

If you need assistance regarding any of these above matters, please contact the Helpdesk via e-mail at or phone at 859.257.3335 ext. 1 or toll free at 1.800.900.4447.


Information regarding how to reserve a room can be found here.

Project completion times vary widely depending upon the request. Product delivery schedules are also largely dependent on the nature of the request, your assistance with scheduling, feedback and approvals, as well as other projects in the departmental queue. Providing advance notice of upcoming projects as soon as you are aware of the need, can greatly assist in a project’s turnaround.

The services of Marketing and Communications team members are offered to UK CAFE units, departments, centers, and areas without charge, with the team completing more than 1,000 unique projects each calendar year. We prioritize the projects we accept based on their potential to elevate UK CAFE and impact the populations we serve.

If we are unable to complete your project due to limited time or resources, we will work to find alternate options. If you have any doubt about submitting a project to us or if your project is within our scope of expertise, please contact Hayley Pierce.

Please contact Hayley Pierce as you begin the grant proposal in order for us to accurately assess what capacity the unit has to assist with the project.

Contact Information

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