Agriculture Communications Specialist, Photographer
Production/Marketing Manager
Agriculture Communications Specialist, Photographer
Agriculture Communications Specialist
Agriculture Communications Specialist, Section Manager
Agriculture Communications Specialist, Videographer
Agriculture Communications Specialist

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What We Do

We provide professional support and expertise in the areas of photography, videography, audio, marketing design and banner design. Our goal is to support the college mission through the creation of effective marketing publications and products that reflect the College's commitment to excellence for the administration, faculty and specialists.

Our priorities include publications and products for development, alumni relations, Extension, Research and the college administration. In addition, staff members work with others in AgComm to create a wide variety of College promotional materials, including the The Ag Magazine.

We offer a variety of print templates to further the College's visual identity. Additional resources are available through the Marketing Resources site and include extension templates, the College identity standards (logos, stationery, etc.) and marketing tips. We assist with University/College graphic standard compliance and work with the College Marketing Committee to develop marketing tools, templates and policies.

Marketing Projects

Administration, faculty and specialists needing our marketing services can send an email to the AgComm designer. Our creative services are at no cost, with additional charges for materials. Projects funded by grants need to be brought to our attention during the request of a project. Support for the Marketing Resources website and projects like the program marketing, digital banner design and the college logo standards and guidelines are created in this area. Staff in department/unit level marketing materials can contact the appropriate chairs/directors for approval to use Marketing Design for marketing materials.

Printing and copying options for the college

The in-house print shop located in Scovell Hall has production B/W and color copiers able to print brochures, flyers, posters and manuals as well as #9 #10 envelopes (black ink only, no official stationery).
A client designs a job and sends the file as a PDF directly to along with a signed clearance sheet. Ag Communications provides proofreading services for these materials if requested.


Use a UK approved printing vendors (see licensee list) are available to copy or print materials. A client may choose from three stationery vendors and other specialty vendors on UK approved vendor contracts. See licensee lists on

Design options for the college

Marketing Design creates materials intended for the college’s marketing efforts. Sometimes, we can’t do the formatting or folding in-house, (specialty items like pocket folders, heavy scoring for folds) so we contact a UK approved printing vendor. The client submits a clearance sheet but it doesn’t require signatures. Please include the account and delivery information, quantity and paper choice. We edit and design all jobs before we send the final proof to the client.


Do it yourself
Client designs job and sends the file as a PDF directly to along with a signed clearance sheet. Ag Communications provides proofreading services for these materials if requested.


Avoid delays with your marketing project

All publications go through the editing and proofreading process in Ag Comm. The text is checked for voice and grammar accuracy. For revisions to past publications, the text is proofed and changes are sent to the contact person. For new projects, the text is proofed before or during the design process.

Allow AgComm 24 hours to edit/proof text, working directly with Becky on the overall production.

How to prepare InDesign files

Here's a document PDF explaining how to set-up InDesign files, save them to PDFs, fill out the clearance sheet, and send them to Ag Communications print shop.

The Ag Magazine

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Need Equipment Recommendations?

If you are looking for a tripod, microphone, camera or other tools to help create audiovisual content, check out our recommendations at this link As always, please reach out to our staff photo/video specialists and we will be happy to find the right gear for your need/budget.

Aerial view of The Arboretum


Our photographers provide professional images and expertise to all facets of the college. Assignments are based on administrative priorities, project requests and in-house production. See our working list of services we offerPDF iconoverview_of_media_services.pdf. Our photographers collaborate with the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment faculty on campus and extension specialists, associates and agents in every county across Kentucky. Their work is featured in the college magazine, websites and numerous promotional materials, posters and exhibits.

Digital Media Library - Online photo collection of our photographers photo assignments, projects and archives. 


Steve Patton, Agricultural Communications Specialist, Photographer, 33 Scovell Hall, 859 257-6330

Matt Barton, Agricultural Communications Specialist, Photographer, 33 Scovell Hall, 859 257-3378


Our videographers work with faculty and specialists, providing products for instruction, promotion and documentation. We have video equipment on loan for shooting video, training online, and expertise in video post production. Requests to document events, conferences, seminars and presentations are most easily handled through our camcorder check-out service. Reserve the equipment on a first-come first-serve basis and receive quick instruction on camera and audio operation.

If any video editing is required a PC video production station is now ready and available in Scovell Hall Room 132 for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment faculty and staff to schedule. Again, instruction and guidance to help assist with the editing workflow is typically on site. Scheduling ahead is always best.

Need to make a video?

Examples of a project:

  • Facility/multiple location Virtual Tours (Requires 3 months production/ one month post production)
  • College-wide promotional marketing video series of instructional videos, under 5 minutes each
  • Informational videos 3 min.
  • Video and text with static images
  • Self-publishing short videos, may need editing by client or Ag Comm
  • PDF iconscript-example.pdf

Visit the Digital Media Library


Brian Volland, Agricultural Communications Specialist / Videographer
139 Scovell Hall, 859-257-7539

David Stalion, Agricultural Communications Specialist / Videographer
132 Scovell Hall, 859-257-3987


Our radio/podcast services include two sound-proof booth locations, on campus and Princeton, and technical assistance with recording and post production is provided.

Video news

Video News, contact Jeff Franklin, manager of the news section to discuss a project. He works with the videographers on news-related video services.

Exhibits2014 State Fair College Exhibit

We specialize in production of large displays/banners, design/staging exhibits and outdoor signs for the College and Extensions numerous events through out the year.

Visit the marketing resources site for information on outdoor signs, banner information and more. Outdoor signs, banners